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Frequently Asked Questions

What training sessions do you offer?

We have a variety of sessions available, including social runs and more focused interval and tempo sessions. Training sessions are available in mornings and evenings, in a variety of locations across Sutton, so there should be something available for you.

Most sessions are based on time rather than distance so you can train at a pace you are comfortable at.

Visit the training page for more information.

I don't think i'm fast or fit enough

We disagree! Although we understand your apprehension. 

The Tuesday and Thursday sessions are deliberately designed to work for all abilities. Using an 800m loop and intervals based on time, you can't be "dropped". You simply run at your own pace and intensity without having to worry about anyone else. If you'd prefer to walk at faster and slower intensities that works for us as well.


Our social runs also have a "no drop policy" so no runner is left behind on their own. If you would prefer to run/walk or aren't quite up to full distance please let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly.

What kit do i need?

Nothing special! Standard running kit appropriate for the weather will be fine. During the darker months we ask all our members to wear reflective gear or lights for your own safety.


You may prefer to wear trail shoes instead of road shoes for the sessions at Overton Park if the weather is particularly bad, but road shoes are fine for the majority of the year.

If you're looking for any particular shoe, kit or accessory recommendations our members will be happy to offer some ideas!

What insurance do you have?

We are a member of the Association of Running Clubs and are covered by their liability insurance. More details are available at . We are also affiliated with England Athletics. 

This all sounds great, how do i join?

We’re really pleased that you are thinking about joining Sutton Striders! Click here and you can submit an application form, but feel free to join us for a free taster session first. There is more information on our membership page. Please contact us if you have any further questions. 


Membership of the Club is open to all without discrimination and will only be refused where admission to membership would be contrary to the best interests of sport or the good conduct and interests of the Club, therefore all applications will go to the Committee for approval at the next committee meeting.

What is the membership fee?

For the 2024/2025 membership year, the subscription is £26. This covers your membership to the 31st March 2025.

For any prospective member for whom the financial cost would be a material impediment to them joining please contact the Membership Secretary to discuss options.

What if I don’t want to join immediately?

We offer up to three taster sessions for you to get to know the club and decide if it’s a good fit for you. After that we would request that you join the club. 

Are you currently affiliated to England Athletics?

We are affiliated with England Athletics and with the Association of Running Clubs. 

What is the difference between first claim and second claim? 

From a Striders perspective – we only have Members. Once you have joined you are a Member of the Striders family and whether you are first claim / second claim etc. doesn’t matter to us. We will cheer for you and support you regardless of what vest you choose to race in at any particular race.

As part of our club’s affiliation to England Athletics should you opt to have a personal affiliation with them, your registration will be tied to a specific club. This is generally the first England Athletics club which you join (hence, first claim). EA affiliation costs £19 at present which we include as part of your membership fee. 

There is however a very long tradition in the sport of runners being members of more than one club. This can be for a variety of reasons – that the runner wants to remain a member of their home club but has moved to a new area, that the training sessions offered by the second club may be a better fit or even reasons that are as straightforwardly mercenary as the second club gets a discount on a particular kit brand.

Any other club you join (and you may join as many as you want – there are runners who have more clubs than a pro golfer) you will typically join “second claim”. 


We think that second claim membership is a good thing as it fosters ties between running clubs and helps create the running community. 

Why is there no discount for second claim members?

Clubs often provide a discount for second claim members on the basis that the EA affiliation is not included and there are certain limitations on their membership. 

We have opted not to do so on the basis that we consider of everything we offer as a club, that the EA affiliation is a very minor part of the benefit you receive – notwithstanding that financially it represents a large outlay from us 

Can I not be affiliated at all? 

Affiliation to England Athletics is not a mandatory process. you will have to register with England Athletics if you ever compete for the club in a competition under the UKA rule-book (e.g. County road relays). We would be happy to talk this through with you. You would not receive the £2 affiliated athlete discount for road races in this instance. 

This option would be most suitable for runners who only intend to join us for training and to run in community events such as parkrun.

What disciplines do you affiliate for?

We are affiliated for the 2024/2025 season for road running and for the 2024/2025 season for road running and cross-country. 

As a road running club, we do not intend to compete in any track or field leagues. This should not prevent any member from competing in open track and field races. 

Where a member is registered with England Athletics as a first claim member of Sutton Striders and wishes to compete in track and field, they are able to join another club which compete in those disciplines and after completing this short form from England Athletics, they are treated as a first claim member of the other club for those disciplines. The Membership Secretary will be very happy to sign this form and support your application. 

We think this is a better solution as it allows us to focus on our primary goals. If we later reconsider and opt to expand our disciplines this will be subject to a full consultation with all members. 

I left my old club 4 years ago, can I join first claim? 

Of course you can! From an administrative perspective though, you are treated as being a member of your previous club for first claim purposes until you join a new club. That said, you are exempt from the usual £10 transfer fee that England Athletics charges for transfer of a club after 3 years away from the sport. 

You can find details of the form to register us as your new first claim club here

I’m moving to the area and want to join Striders first claim, how do I transfer from my old club?

First of all – welcome to the area! You can find all of the details here and the process is now handled entirely online. The fee is £10. 

Your transfer request will be sent to club officials at your former club. The club has 28 days to respond to this request. There are very limited grounds it can be refused – typically that you have overdue subs or club assets such as a trophy they would like to be returned. 

I thought I submitted my form and I’ve got an email but I’ve not paid yet?

When you submit your membership you will be auto directed to our payment gateway but should you not pay at that time you can access your payment gateway through  one of the two emails that will automatically be sent. 

One is from “Google Forms” which has your membership details. The second is from which will have the link to your secure check-out via Payable Plugins. 

After you have paid, this link will show you your paid confirmation receipt.


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