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Welcome to the Sutton Striders blog!

A lovely bunch of Sutton Striders runners
Welcome to the Sutton Strider blog

If you’ve followed us on social media for any amount of time (and you really should - we’re on Instagram and Facebook), you’ll know that we like to celebrate the fantastic achievements of our members.

Every week, our members clock new PBs at distances from 5k to 100 miles and collect parkrun milestones like they’re going out of fashion.

It’s incredible to celebrate this success and share in the joy it brings.

So to recognise these fabulous achievements we’re now launching this blog on the Sutton Striders website to let the world know about their successes.

We’ll post regular updates on running achievements, milestones and community events, so if you’d like to keep in touch, hit the ‘follow’ button to be notified whenever we publish a new post.

And help us continue to celebrate the successes of the Sutton Striders family.

PS if you're thinking about joining a running club based in the Sutton, Cheam or Carshalton area, drop us a message to book a free taster session. We'll be in touch promptly with several session timing options.


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